Safeguarding Policy — St. Mary’s, Hook

Our church recognizes that everyone
needs to be rightly valued and cared for in all aspects of their lives
but most especially when they are vulnerable.    
We understand ‘vulnerable’ to mean
 – whenever someone is in a position where someone has power over them:  
Thus all people are at times vulnerable
and it is even possible to use ones own power
to put oneself in a vulnerable state.
For example: – when even the most competent and strong willed adult is in
a dentist’s chair they are in a vulnerable position
which incidentally they have chosen to put themselves in.

So our approach is that in all we do we work to the principles that::

Whenever and however anyone has power over anyone or their situation
they use that power for good and minimise the risk of harm
And whenever someone could be in a position

where someone may misuse their power over someone
appropriate precautions are taken to minimise this risk.

Within this we all recognise that we can never fully remove risk,
but  we can minimise risk and inform people of ongoing risk
in a way that they can understand and choose to
accept the risks in what they do
(or not take part if they so choose).

A fuller version of our policy is available for download below.