Giving to St Mary’s, Hook

General Fund Give to General Fund

Our General Fund provides money to enable us to pay our vicar, our running costs, our expenses and our regular maintenance. By giving to this (either a one off donation or regulary – say monthly ) enables us to provide our services and to maintain this magnificent building.

Baptism Donations

Baptism Donation

If you are giving at a Baptism, it helps us if you give using the button above, rather than the General Fund button. The money goes to the same place and is used for the same purposes (see above)

Specific Funds

You can give toward a specific project, or need, then your money will only be used for this purpose. Details of how to do this can be obtained from our treasurer or will soon appear on buttons and pages on this site. In particular there will soon be a Restoration Fund which will be specifically for work toward the restoration work we are doing to the building for it’s 800th Anniversary.