Big Sponsored Cycle Ride COMPLETED

A Big Thank You to all who rode, supported and sponsored the Big Cycle Ride.
An amazing achievement by all. If you haven’t yet given in support of these wonderful people please consider doing so either by just giving or directly to those you know.

Johnny and Jason Kenning Rode their bicycles 203 miles in one day (Saturday 2nd) in ‘Biblical’ conditions from Shipton Moyne to Hook, it took 15 hours – an incredible feat for any cyclists. Well Done to them, you’re just awesome.

Dave Roffey, Chris Houseman and Philip Ball (the vicar) rode 247 miles (approx) over four days. Dave doing the whole route on a 60 year old bicycle with only the top gear much of the time – only Dave could achieve this. Philip rode about 170miles with an injured left/knee leg – so steady away to protect it from further injury and more pain. Chris Houseman kept us right and our spirits up. Brian Gilliland rode about 90 miles including many of the steepest climbs until he had to pull out because of a family issue. Steve Ellis did the last 71 miles.

Di and Ron Gollop, supported the riders for three days and then rode 36 miles on the last day – joined by Sarah Child. Gary Sutcliffe and Tony Guy supported the riders on Saturday. Other riders joined from Eastoft 11 miles, Del Hartley, Liz and 11 year old Isabel Ball . And from Aire St a Good group of children and parents joined and did the last two miles. All these riders did so in the cold and the rain of Saturday afternoon – a brilliant achievement.

There was a great welcome home on Garth lane with pom poms and cheering and an amazing spread of cakes with tea and juice at Hook School at the end.

Money raised is in the £ thousands but exact amount won’t be clear till it’s all collected and further donations have been given. A great start to a fund raising campaign which like the big cycle ride is a marathon not a sprint.

Cycle Ride Live Tracking

It is hoped that it will be possible to live track the 240 mile Sponsored Cycle Ride, which starts tomorrow. Details should appear on a post on this site.

You can still register for the other rides on 2nd October of 27 miles, 11 miles or 2 miles or just turn up at the start in Hook – 11am (details of where here soon), Eastoft 2.30pm (outside St Bartholomews church) and Aire St, Goole at 4pm (meet outside the Lowther). All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. see

Or you can sponor or make a donation (either toward the whole ride, or some listed individual riders) using the link below or sponsor those you know who are riding directly with them.

Cycle Ride Just Giving page goes live

There is now a Just Giving page live through which you can sponsor riders for the big cycle ride or sign up to get people to sponsor you (if your cycling). – Just go to the page and press the orange Start Fundraising button and sign in or up from there. If you wish to cycle please look at the cycle forms / info / sponsorship page on this website (in the sub menu under big sponsored cycle ride).


URGENT HELP NEEDED – HOOK CHURCH BIG SPONSORED CYCLE RIDE. The back up driver (who is to carry luggage and spares between the stops) for the 240 mile ride from Wiltshire is no longer available and we need a replacement OR if we can’t find one driver a relay of replacements OR a person or couple who’d like to have a few days away in their camper van. The driver needs to be confident to drive a van (we have a van to use) and be available to drive with the cyclists to Wiltshire on the morning of 29th September, then slowly back to Hook over the next three days (back in Hook 2nd October) – could be a lovely pretty trip across England. Accommodation for the cyclists, for the three nights away – 29th, 30th Sept, 1st Oct is in Church Halls and we’d expect the back up driver to stay with us  – but because we’ve a van decent, comfy camping beds can be carried with us. Alternately it should be possible to find some bed and breakfast accommodation for the back up driver or if someone who had a camper van wanted to do the trip they could stay in their own camper. If we can’t find anyone who can do the whole trip, we could use a ‘relay’ of drivers who do one or two days each. Anyone who might be able to help should contact Dave Roffey directly or using See for further information about the sponsored ride and its reason

Cyclists Prepare for Big Sponsored Cycle Ride

A few cyclists are now registered for our big sponsored cycle ride and some of the less regular cyclists are currently finding parts of themselves aching or sore.
But hopefully that will all settle down in time for the ride in two weeks time.

The vicar after his first 27 mile ride in one go couldn’t walk up his stairs without pulling himself up by the handrail . . . for a day or so.
but a couple of weeks later he did the same route and was able to continue normally after he finished. He’s not yet sure if he’ll be ok over 70 miles in a day
let alone over 240 in four days, but he’s heading toward finding out.

Sponsorship forms are now circulating for various cyclists and on the Forms / Info / Sponsorship page (in the Big Sponsored Cycle Ride sub menu ) of this website there will soon be links to a just giving page through which you can sponsor cyclist. Also on the Forms / Info / Sponsorshp page of this site
is information as to how you can donate towards the whole event rather than sponsor an individual cyclist.

Return to ‘Normal’ Services

As from the 5th September, our Sunday services will return to normal
with a service at on every Sunday, except when their is a fifth Sunday in the month, when the service will be a united service with our three churches, Airmyn, Hook and Rawcliffe worshipping together at 10am – moving round on a rota. See Magazine or websites for details on these occassions.

We have also started a new ‘mid week worship in a modern style’ which is on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm moving round our three churches on a similar rota, but also available from Wednesday morning on our youtube channel. This service lasts about 30-35 minutes.

Tuesday 7th September – St Mary’s, Hook
Tuesday 14th September – St James, Rawcliffe
Tuesday 21st September – St David’s, Airmyn
and so on — 28th Hook; October 5th Rawcliffe;
12th Airmyn; 19th Hook; 26th Rawcliffe

Summer Holiday Services

10am – 15th August at St David’s, Airmyn;
10am – 22nd August at St James’, Rawcliffe;
10am – 29th August at St Mary’s, Hook

Normal Services resume in every church each Sunday from September 5th

For the last three weeks in August, rather than have a church service in each of the three churches which our vicar looks after, we will have one service in one church each Sunday and move round on a rota.

Gift Day

To The Parishioners’ of Hook.

As you are aware your church held its annual Gift Day on 19th June 2021.

This year due to the massive drop in funds held by the church caused by Covid lockdown, it was agreed that we should ask the parish of Hook for more help.

Once again our call for support was answered by the village and we raised an astonishing £3,527.00 on Gift Day. This is more than double the amount raised in 2019.

In addition to these gifts we also received a further £665.00 in donations in response to our plea for help.

This makes a grand total of £4192.00.

May I, on behalf of the Vicar and congregation thank you all most sincerely for your generosity enabling St. Mary’s to continue as your local village Church.

Ken Barclay


Sponsored Cycle Ride Announced

St Mary’s Church in Hook is looking for cyclists who can face a 200 mile challenge, cycling from Wiltshire back to the church. It’s all in aid of a major renovation of the church, to be launched at the end of September, to coincide with the cycle.

Vicar, Rev Philip Ball, explains, “We want to restore St Mary’s church in time for its 800thAnniversary replacing the roof, repairing stonework and making it even more a useful to the local community for the next 100 years or more. As well as weddings, Christenings and church services, we want to create space for special events, concerts, even business events and away days.”

Rev Philip is inviting cyclists young and old to participate. Local cycling clubs are welcome, and it is hoped that local businesses will encourage staff to take part. In fact, everybody is welcome. Cycling 200 miles in three days, the route is challenging, but very achievable for reasonably fit cyclists. And for those who aren’t able to do the full ride there will be local options and shorter routes.

“Our church is the oldest building in Goole and Hook by we think at least 400 years and has a wonderful history and heritage, .’We’d like it to be still serving the community centuries from now.” Philip commented. The last time it was renovated was way back in 1844, when much of the work was paid for by local land-owners Thomas and Lucy Sotheron. Who both had homes at Hook Hall and in the village of Shipton Moyne in Wiltshire, so what better way to launch this renovation, than to celebrate the last works done, This we will do by cycling between the Sotheron’s homes along a route that they must have taken many times,
Or for those who can’t do the full distance cycling the last bit or doing part of the virtual ride or other sponsored cycling towards this event”

The 200 mile cyclists will gather in Wiltshire on the evening of Wednesday 29 September, and cycle the route over 3 days, mainly starting Thursday 30 September, and finishing with a party in Hook on Saturday 2 October.

“We anticipate that the event will be a lot of fun,” says Rev Philip. “It’s a decent challenge for experienced cyclists,and a serious one for the unfit ones like myself, but we’ll ride in ability groups, so everybody can go at their own pace.”

“I hope local businesses, from the largest to the smallest, may also get involved,” says Philip. “I can see friendly competition between rivals, to see who can send most cyclists, and who can raise most money.”

The restoration could cost as much as nearly £500,000, so the cycle will just be a start of many years fund raising and staged works leading up to 2025 the 800thAnniversary but it’s an important start.

“If we raise some money, launch our campaign, and people have a good time, forge friendships, and look forward to a refreshing drink at the end, it’ll be a great success,” says Rev Philip.

For anyone who’s interested in cycling or helping out, please contact us using come to the next meeting about the ride at The Sotheron Arms in Hook, 8pm Thursday 8thJuly 2021

Gift Day

Thank you to all who contributed to our Gift Day on 19th June 2021. We’re still counting up but know you’ve helped make a big difference to our current finances. If you haven’t contributed yet and want to do so, please do use the Giving to St Mary’s page on this website.

Philip, vicar of Hook.